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For simple day to day expense recordings this is excellent with convenient budget fixing. The interface is nice

Vp Ahmed

This app is handy for on-the-go management of one's bills. It is simple, straight-forward and easy to use. No charts that require an MBA to understand. Thank you for its simplicity. Update: I love the simplicity of organizing my budget the way I choose, since my pay dates vary each month. Thank you for a wonderfully easy budgeting tool!

Susie Cox

It would be nice if include sum up feature when type in amount for single entry or with calculater feature...Overall I like it very much...Thanks creator.

Ewen Max

Totally fab...., One thing imp is it's very sorted... Need not much time to make entries...keep it up guys

Rahul Sonawane

Best Budget app there is. Simple to use and easy to set up. Well done.

Gary Lloyd

Clean, clear, useful. Nifty app!

Sinuhe Martinez